Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Illustration Friday- Heavy

This is the piece I did for Illustration Friday this week. The word was "heavy." It's pretty straight forward. I tried to design it so the weight was the focal point but place light tones around it. It's also the darkest and least saturated. I'm starting to play with the layer mode effects more in photoshop but I want to eventually learn to create textures on my own without the need for layer shortcuts.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wonder Con

Wonder con. This was my second convention and this time I remembered to bring credit cards and money. I chatted with a few artist like Marc Gabbana and Jonathan Wayshak.. oh yeah, and Dave Yee. I learned so much from that guy like if you want to find SJSU students just go to a Mexican restuarant. Great knowledge. Someone accidently gave Nikita three 3-day passes so I ended up going for two days.... sweeeeeeeeet. The photo is of the Cult28 crew. Up next is Supercon, Fanime and ComicCon. Cult28 Out.