Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sun Tarot Card

Adjustment, Mixed Media

Scan, Mixed Media

Sketches, Col Erase Pencil

"Forget the round trip, give me a one way
It's been a year since the case of the Mondays
See, my peers have the face of the mundane
I'm in a place you can taste all the sun rays"

I did this for my friend, Nikita. I've known him since the beggining classes of my illustration program, and I've always thought he acted like a kid but it's also the thing I admire most about him. So this illustration was also based off that spirit. I also know that if I'm pursuing something, and I feel like a kid again, then I'm in the right place. I know, that sounds really corny but I've noticed it's been one of my core values and I've never regretted anything in that path. Here's to being a kid again!