Friday, December 18, 2009

Art Exchange- MTB

Makeshift Terror Beak, Mixed Media, 8.5"11"
A bunch of my friends did an art exchange event and I did this piece for my friend, Tara. I based it off a comic she did during our beginning illustration class, as well as graffiti. I pick up a lot of graffiti influence from The Seventh Letter, CBS crew. Craola is probably my favorite writer. Doing art for others is always fun for me to do, and she seemed pretty stoked when I gave it her, so yeah... dope!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

IPYB Collaboration

IPYB, Mixed Media

I did this piece with my friend, Bryan Kistler (check his stuff out) and we put it in a Graffiti Show. It was located behind a recycle center, which I thought was a pretty cool place to do an art show at. Collaborating on a piece was a great experience, luckily we didn't complicate choices (but may will next time) and it was a fun and spontaneous process.