Friday, October 17, 2008

Mass Grave Reversal

Here's that reversal project. I finally got a good pic, shooting for the portfolio (sorry Kristina). It's not done and there are alot of tiny shapes everywhere. I also can't bring out the white as much. I was actually about to use white chalk but it started to get really repetitive and boring. This was my first real understanding of tones.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obligated To Post

I just wanted to add my friends Clam and Jeff to my list on the side and I always feel obligated to post everytime I update but I couldn't find anything new so here's an old figure drawing from a year and a half ago. I wish I knew what I learned in the classes I have taken since then because I didn't know squat about shadows and most of my drawings tended to be in high key. Fortunately, this was one of the ones that were suppose to be drawn in high key. Back then I always focused on certain areas that I reacted to the most. In this case it was the the hand and arms. I took the face a challenge because it's always been difficult for me to draw heads that aren't right side up.

I just got done with a rendering project and I remembered this quote my friend Dan showed me by Paul Madonna. After a couple of all-nighters, this quote epitomizes how I feel at the moment.

I've had trouble knowing when I've done enough in a day, unless I've worked myself to exhaustion./
What bothers me the most is that I try to measure accomplishment against time./
It feels cliche, but I wonder,/
Would I criticize a tree for how often it blooms?/

Here is the link to the artwork that accompanies the words.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Travel Sketchbook Pages

I've been pretty irritable over the past two days from lack of sleep and catching up on work. It sucks. This was probably the last good drawing I've had in a awhile. It was some weeks ago, I rememer looking through Kristina's sketchbook and it had this sick drawing. I couldn't remember it exactly when I refered to it in my head, except for how it was rendered so it motivated me for these pages. It's amazing how much tones can compensate for lack of accuracy or any other factors because this guys face is completely inaccurate. My teacher, John Clapp, had also told me that edges will take a lifetime to master so I was really trying to develop my sensabilities when approaching tonal ability. Nikita's sketchbook and Kim's figures had also stepped up last time I was flipping through them. I'm thankful and motivated but FUCK! this crap is becoming overwhelimg. I'm lacking the time to learn and the majority of my shapes in my Black and White render are still off. I have to write papers plus I'm annoyed and sleepy. rant...
peace and god bless