Monday, June 30, 2008

Ante Up

India Ink, Gouache, Paint Markers and Pens. Jonathan Wayshak was a huge influence for me with ink. It's amazing how much value he can create with lines. I was also looking at tattoo magazines for design ideas.

During my process I went back and forth so many times with ink and gouache, constantly making choices between design versus following "rules." After and series of thumbnails and ideas, I came up with the final plan but it was still to be experimental. I really enjoyed how different brushes can create a variety of effects and learned that it doesn't matter what kind of mark you make as long as the image reads the way you want it to. I guess the way you create a mark can be one way to designate a "style." My biggest problem was creating the ninja in low-key which led me to do some low-key and high-key studies soon because I wasn't even sure of what I was doing. probably The highlights might have just appeared to be overwrought.

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