Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Journal 1: The Art Spirit- 01

072509 Study Study, Ballpoint Pen and Xerox, 10.5"x8.25"

072109 Mom Time, 072209 Twins, Ballpoint Pen and Ink, 10.5"x8.25"

071509 Pier Patience, Ballpoint Pen, 10.5"x8.25"
Everytime I see Barron Storey's Journals, they are always inspiring but I would always fail to comprehend what the purpose may be. However, I've noticed that there would be a common theme in each journal, so I am trying to approach a journal with that same quality. These are some pages from my "Art Spirit" journal, learning from the great teacher of art, Robert Henri. Of course, I have no idea what I am doing necessarily. I am just trying to sync myself with what the book is about, sometimes passages and sometimes approaches. The readings are very inspiring to me. I've also been collecting maps after looking at Corwin's sketchbook, where he had a few inside of it. They are awesome!

A passage and some notes from the The Art Spirit.

"The sketch hunter moves through life as he finds it, not passing negligently the things he loves, but stopping to know them, and to note them down in the short hand of his sketchbook."

He is looking for what he loves and it is found everywhere. Hunters don't see this. They are learning to see and to understand... to enjoy.


killerbeautiful said...

Hey Tim... this is your cousin Nina. I love your work and feel fortunate to have discovered your blog. Please contact me back- I am on Facebook. Love, Nina

Marleah Edwards said...

TIM!! was just stopping by to check out your blog! your sketchbook pages are looking amazing, as always!! hey, on another note, i was looking through different blogs and found one that i thought you might like. well here is the link http://joshuadeleonart.blogspot.com/