Monday, January 11, 2010

Santa Cruz with Emily

Emily's Backyard

Emily's Backyard

Me, Astro, Danny, Izzy, and Mark went to visit our friend, Emily, in Santa Cruz. Her backyard is awesome! So was her house which was basically a treasure trove of stuff. We hiked up a hill and, back down, we followed a creek and did much rock jumping. I think I slipped a few times (Fail) and kinda twisted my ankle but I just walked it off. It was really fun!

Santa Cruz- Plein Air 01, Digital

Santa Cruz- Plein Air 02, Digital
I did some digital plein air while we were in Santa Cruz. I am really out of shape with the plein air paintings but carrying this DS is allowing me to grow accustomed to it faster. They aren't that great but hopefully it's a start of something bigger. I still get too caught up with detail... Big shapes, Big shapes... and I definitely could've thrown in more darks.

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