Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Filler Post

 Film Studies 01

 Kitchen Drawings

Mad Scientist

I didn't know what to update with but here are a couple of oldies. I did the Film Studies over the summer and had a good roll but all of a sudden I got bored so I stopped. Working digitally still never got a hold on me the way traditional media did. Maybe I'm old fashion. The other two are about a year old, there are some issues with them but drawing has always been the most fun part of creating an illustration.

On another note: The homie, Jonathan Wayshak is doing an online comic with Sam Keith, updated every Monday. It's pretty much an "anything goes" kind of procedure where they take turns adding to the strip. I did this exercise with my friends during one of Barron Storey's classes. It was fun to do but to see it done by these two is pretty sick. Anyway, check it out-

this image is from

This project also reminded me of James Jean's and Kenichi Hoshine's:


kevukookooku said...

ur kitchen is badddasss fool! give me the originals hahaha.

Nicholas Hong said...

great studies! scientist character looks awesome! :)