Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Academics- Intermediate Project pt1

Here's some of the work from the new criteria for the Intermediate Illustration Project Class. It is a forest design for a version of the Little Red Riding Hood story called, The Grandmother's Tale. The story had a very dark atmosphere and maybe you can read it... here. So based on the tale, a concept was designed by my friend, Cory Peckham who was assigned to be my art director for the assignment.

I had also done another forest but I don't feel I conveyed the idea as well as the "evil" forest. I'm planning to redo the project over this break because this was also an introduction to landscapes, in which I completely got slaughtered in. We're currently working on our color comps for the project so I'll be posting the those along with the final as well.

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Tiffany Vu said...

It looks awesome so far Tim :)! The angle's dynamic, and the value's reading. Just a little rough looking. This is Tiffany btw!