Sunday, April 12, 2009

Figure Drawing- 002

Graphite on paper, 8.5"x11", 1 minute

Graphite on paper, (2)8.5"x11", 2 minutes

Graphite and Ballpoint pen on paper, (2)8.5"x11", 10 and 20 minutes

I've been learning new techniques as well as mastering old ones over this semester. I believe Professor Chai showed us a Vilppu video and explained to the class that we should take our time with the drawings. Many students in the class were trying to get full figures completed resulting in a rushed drawing.

There are so many things I had to keep in mind in these drawings. I always find some trouble in retaining the gesture of the figures after constructing and placing in anatomy. Proportions were also an issue for me because I grew a habit of exagerrating poses which led me to relearning previous studies. Using the Vilppu and Walt Stanchfield techniques were very helpful and I'm currently trying to finish those up thoroughly so I can I apply those concepts and hopefully it'll remedy those problems. study study study.

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Jackson said...

You have some awesome work here! Good luck with the program at SJSU. It looks as if you're heading in a promising direction. Keep it up!